Creating a Profile README on Github

GitHub has an awesome feature of showing your information in a presentable format on your profile page.

YOU can use this as a selling point for you & showcasing your skills.

Check out this screenshot of my GitHub profile page.

My GitHub Profile’s Snapshot

The content seen in the green highlighted mark is shown from the profile README.

In this article, we’ll go through the steps for creating a Profile README:

  1. Create a new repository named as your GitHub username.
    For example, my GitHub username is “farhanhalai30” so I have created a repository named “farhanhalai30”.
  2. Keep this repository as “Public”.
  3. Check “Initialize this repository with a README”.
  4. Click on “Create repository”.
  5. Now start editing the “” file in this repository.
    GitHub already provides a basic template which you can follow OR create your own customized template.
    Few things you should consider are:
    a) A short introduction about YOU.
    b) List your skills.
    c) Provide your social handles to connect.
  6. Once you are done with editing the file, save it.

Now, you should be able to view this information on your profile page.

Awesome, isn’t it !!! 😍

For help related to Markdown syntax, you can refer

You just saw, how easily you can create your profile README with a few steps.

I would love to see what creativity you can bring out 😁, do share your GitHub profile in the comments once you create your profile README.

Thanks for reading 😃

You can connect with me on,
1. GitHub
2. Twitter
3. LinkedIn
4. DEV Community




Web developer.

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Farhan Halai

Farhan Halai

Web developer.

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